ad about portrait

I am an amalgamation of all i have done and all I CAN STILL ACCOMPLISH.

When it comes to describing myself and the work I create, I dislike trying to narrow everything down to isolated descriptions. My propensities sway from the scientific and logical to the fanciful and surreal. I craft artwork and designs that suit the needs of the project, and seek to marry the ever-present requirements of form and function in harmonious and efficient ways. From the geometric quadrants of Mondrian, the otherworldly warpism of Escher, the fantasy of Tolkien, and the precision of Dürer, everything plays a part in crafting the ultimate work.

I approach every project, artwork, and client with as fresh a mind as possible, eager to absorb the needs, goals, and idiosyncrasies that will each influence the final result. Whether it’s a marketing piece, a personal expression of my own art, or a complete branding package for a company, my goal is the same: successful expression.

I am a graduate of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County with an honors degree in Visual Art. Throughout my career that spans more than 15 years, I have held positions ranging from senior graphic designer and creative director to senior project and creative services manager. My personality welds two very contrasting traits: creativity and organization. The name of my game is order, and distilling that from the chaos of the world often results in successful projects.

In addition to the world of art, my life is immeasurably ruled by the wonder of music. As a musician of over 30 years, my life is one large soundtrack of melodies, lyrics, and rhythms. Without music, so much color would be absent from this world.

No personal statement would be complete without mentioning the lifeblood, anchor, and driving force behind my entire existence: my family. I am so incredibly fortunate to have an amazingly talented and supportive wife, two unbelievably intelligent and loving children, and the best giant oaf of a dog anyone could desire. They are the reasons I am here, doing what I do.