Above & Beyond Newsletter

Above & Beyond Newsletter

Medium: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator
Year: 2020

Designed for the Commemorative Air Force® (CAF)

The Above & Beyond newsletter is a publication sent out by the Commemorative Air Force® (CAF) to its donors to entice them to donate via planned estate giving. The original concept and layout of this newsletter was very copy-heavy and read more as a packet of information than a newsletter.

In partnership with my associate creative director and the president of my company, I set about completely overhauling the structure, layout, and look of the entire piece. This included a brand new, custom logo lockup that better identified the Above & Beyond title. Blocks of color were utilized to create article division and copy was aired out to better lend the publication to reading. With the target audience consisting of more elderly individuals, attention needed to be paid to the overall legibility and ADA compliance.

The end result was a more cohesive, attractive, and easily-read newsletter that showed a branded, unique identity.