Drawing is the basis for almost all visual art. The ability to articulate one’s thoughts and ideas onto the page, through whatever medium, is integral to not only achieving a final product, but also jumpstarting any design project. “The sketch” often defines the launching point, and sets the creative stage for what is to come.

My preference for traditional illustration remains pencil and ink, with colored pencil added for dynamic. However, I often find myself handcuffed by the limitations of traditional media. Having spent my career in the digital space, I have a tendency to apply digital-based strategies to compositing and layering artwork to build up the density and weight of the piece. Over the years, I have often mixed my traditional techniques with digital tools to finalize my artwork and give it my own personal flair, creating complex composites and digitally painted canvases.

Enter the iPad Pro. I recently purchased an iPad Pro and have fallen in love with the near perfect marriage of traditional art techniques with digital compositing and output. It has rekindled my love of illustration and breathed new life into my personal creative energy.